Established in 1961, the company Arpa Ceramics, based in Borzano of Albinea, has a production capacity of 3 million square meters per year.


Technological innovation, dynamicity, product study, design passion and partnership.

For over forty years the ARPA brand interprets the taste and quality of Made in Italy on international markets. An industrial reality recognized in the production of white body wall tile and porcelain tile through a specific manufacturing and a consolidated technological know-how, make ARPA company able to interpret contemporary trends in interior design, build partnerships and deliver products technologically advanced and appreciated by international customers.


Ceramic tiles are a natural product used for centuries.

An ancient material processed with processes that have achieved excellent results through research and technology.

Water, clay, minerals and quartz powder baked at high temperatures. This is the original structure of each ceramic product that reaches large areas of application through a certified process. A process that defines the excellence and quality of each ARPA collection. The result is a high standard of quality.


The company Arpa Ceramics strives always to obtain the highest quality products in full compliance with the strictest European and international standards of environmental, people and our consumers protection.


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